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Movie Network Puerto Rico (Translated in English) – March 7, 2017

The Importance of why this Latino Filmmaker has created an Original Superhero Story

Moras Productions is in development of Master Kaon, a groundbreaking Superhero Saga for the Big Screen.

Master Kaon Without Mask CroppedOmar Mora is a filmmaker from Puerto Rico. He grew up reading DC and Marvel superhero comics and watching them in movies and TV. As a result, he embraced what he calls the superhero philosophy: “We can do whatever we want if we put our heart, work, and energy into it thus making the impossible possible. We are all Superman. Hope is part of our life”.  Mora also realized that the only superhero figure that he could only relate to while growing up was El Zorro, because there was no other Latino superhero that had received as much exposure in cinema or television. Still, El Zorro’s exposure was non-comparable to the representation and worldwide cinematic success worldwide of the Marvel and DC Universe stories. Because of that reason, when Mora began to write in 2012, he made a personal decision to take matters into his own hands and change the lack of Latino representation in the Superhero world. He wanted to create a Superhero that Latinos and general audiences alike could relate to, despite gender or race, in hopes that that in the distant future that same hero he created will have the same historical impact and success as the Marvel and DC legacies have had so far.

Mora developed the character of Miguel Rodríguez as the protagonist of the Master Kaon Saga. This development included the saga’s backstory and the universe where his story is set. Mora also wrote Becoming Mr. Lee, the prequel of the Master Kaon saga. He then took the task of writing the first part of the trilogy, which he named Becoming Kaon, as well as the premises for part 2 and part 3 of the story.  Mora’s intention is for Miguel Rodríguez to become a powerful superhero called Master Kaon. The origin of Kaon’s story takes place on Earth and as it develops, it will carry on spreading out across the universe.

It is important to bring this story to people’s attention and to the big screen

First of all, The Master Kaon Saga is a relevant and well-developed story for this day and time because these Latino characters and superheroes Mora has developed represent more than 400 million of the world’s inhabitants. This demographic has only been represented so far by El Zorro, which was greatly loved on the big screen. Since then, there has not been any other relevant or outstanding Latino superhero character in movies. The story of Master Kaon is modern, new, and fresh. By making this production happen, the Master Kaon Saga would help fill that void created by the lack of Latino representation in the superhero cinematic world.

Mora has strongly voiced his belief in his project.  When asked what fuels his urgency to make the Master Kaon Saga become a reality he responds: “I love superhero stories and what they represent. I also love the impact that these characters can have on their audience. I am confident that what they believe in and fight for will always have an influential force on real people’s lives. Stories such as the ones written for Star Wars and fictional characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man (to name a few) have had an impact with important and entertaining backstories and storylines that readers and audiences can relate to and become inspired by. I asked myself then why not have a cool and modern Latino superhero in movies that is new, powerful and that has a complete new story, universe and characters that everyone can relate to despite race, ethnicity, and gender? My intention is not to compete against franchises such as DC, Marvel, and Star Wars. We can’t do that. These are established already… and I love them. The point that I am trying to emphasize by naming them is is that they also had a starting point before they turned into what they are now. That right there is what I want to achieve with my story. I want to start a new universe where a Latino leads the way. I would definitely love to do that”.

Mora is currently trying to bring the story to the attention of Studios in Hollywood, of independent investors, and of established producers. You can check the project’s live action concept art created by George Evangelista and its animated concept art created by Micah Chambers-Goldberg at

For Moras Productions’ scripts and movies in development you can visit the company website at

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Bruce Lee and Martial Arts of Kung Fu Become Premise for Latino Filmmaker’s Movie

Wing Chun Kung Fu and Bruce Lee’s philosophy of life become the premise for the upcoming feature film, “Becoming Mr. Lee.”

“Wing Chun Kung Fu has been a great exercise and philosophy of life for many years in my life and inspired me to write a movie about Bruce Lee and his practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu”, says Puerto Rican writer and actor Omar Mora. The movie revolves around a Latino character, Miguel, which is being having some mental problems, including depression. Miguel uses Wing Chun Kung Fu and Bruce Lee’s philosophy of life to overcome his depression. “This is one of the few times when we can see a movie that mixed the Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu with a Latin character”; points out Mora. The character of Miguel looks up to Bruce Lee’s philosophy of life to achieve his goals.

The role of Miguel will be played by actor/writer Omar Mora, who is a student of the Martial Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.


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